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Cats Claw Plus: What It Is

Cats claw plus has been used for centuries by native Peruvians to support their immune system. Other herbs from the rich foliage in South America have been included as well. Some of these that provide specific support for the immune system include pau d’arco, chuchuhuasi, chanca piedra and maca. Maca, which grows well over a mile above sea level, has been used as a staple of the Inca’s diet for hundreds of years. Maca is also reported to nutritionally support your reproductive system. Chuchuhuasi and mura puama are also known for their support of the reproductive system. Yerba maté has been used by the natives to provide additional support for energy and a tea made from its leaves is currently becoming a popular drink throughout South America.

Why use Cats Claw Plus

Cats Claw Plus contains cat’s claw (una de gato), which is from South America, along with other herbs that provide nutritional support to the immune, digestive and reproductive systems. Each of these systems can use additional nutritional support since they are greatly affected by stress. Unfortunately, few of us enjoy a life that’s stress-free.


Unfortunately, there are not a lot of studies involving people. The bulk of the research has been done in the test tube (in vitro). Test tube studies must always be taken with a grain of salt because their applicability to your body isn't always clear. The studies that have been done, however, suggest that the herb has cytostatic (stops cell growth), anti-inflammatory and contraceptive properties (Keplinger, 1982).

These initial test-tube studies have identified several active compounds that may explain some of the observed and claimed effects of the herb. The major class of chemicals is called indole alkaloids and include chemicals with names like isopteropodine (one of the most active), pteropodine, mitraphylline, isomitraphylline, rhynchophylline and isorhynchophylline (Laus, 1994). Other compounds that may be influential include anthocyanidins (epicatechin) (Montenegro de Matta, Il Farmaco), polyphenols, plant sterols like beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol and campsterol (Anonymous, Nutraceutical Research Dept., 1995), as well as other novel antioxidants known as triterpenes (Aquino, 1990). (See the Information Sheets on Bioflavonoids and Quercetin). Another chemical is quinovic acid glycosides, which may have antiviral effects (Cerri, 1988). This chemical has also been isolated from a similar species, U. guianensis (Yépez-P, 1991). These alkaloids, aside from having biological activity, can also be used to identify the exact species of Uncaria and thus may be useful as a quality control check by high-quality companies.

Studies suggest that these compounds have activity in nonspecifically modulating immune function (Keplinger, 7/4/89). One observed effect is improvement in the ability of immune cells called macrophages to engulf infecting agents (known as improved phagocytosis). This may be due in part to observed increases in numbers of monocytes and histiocytes (in the test tube). Isopteropodine was found to have the strongest activity in increasing macrophage phagocytosis (55% increase at a concentration of 10-4 mg/ml). In contrast, alkaloids derived from other plants required higher concentrations in order to achieve the same degree of improved phagocytosis. These concentrations were cytotoxic (killed the cells) (Wagner, 1987).

Once again, Cats Claw Plus contains cat’s claw (una de gato), which is from South America, along with other herbs that provide nutritional support to the immune, digestive and reproductive systems.

Cats Claw Plus Testimonials: Here is what a few people had to say:

"I recently noticed that my husband complained of stomach cramps and diarrhea every Monday and Tuesday for over the last six months plus. Finally I convinced him to try the Cats Claw and the following Monday – no stomach cramps and diarrhea. It has been over six weeks now with no reoccurrence." - Mary Ebbs, Columbus, Ohio

"My sister doctored for about seven years for shingles. Nothing helped; they spread to about two-thirds of her upper chest, back and neck. I gave her Cats Claw to take and after two months she had no open sores. After taking one Cat’s Claw a day she has had no open sores for four years." - Janice Smith, Toronto, Canada

My mother-in–law always had a cold winter and summer. She now takes Cats
Claw and the
Proanthenols Bio-Complex once a day. She’s only gone to a doctor once in the past four years. - Gabriela Szigyarto, New York City, NY

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In Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life, author Dr. Batmanghelidj writes: "Histamine is an important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates thirst mechanism for increased water intake. It also establishes a system of water rationing for the available water in the drought-stricken body."

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