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Colloidal Silver: What it is

Colloidal Silver contains only natural ingredients. Life Plusí Colloidal Silver contains a concentration of 20 parts silver per million. It is produced by a highly technical method using electronic current. The electro-magnetically charged silver is suspended in deionized water. The natural, deep golden color of Life Plusí Colloidal Silver is indicative of its high quality. Life Plusí Colloidal Silver is packaged in the highest quality cobalt blue bottle, not only preserving the electro-colloidal characteristics of the true colloids, but protecting the solution from damaging ultraviolet light.

History of Colloidal Silver

Silver is the original natural antibiotic. Hippocrates the father of modern medicine noted that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. The early Greeks and Romans used silver as a preservative. The royalty of Europe ate off of silver plates and used silver utensils. The silver they were ingesting was silver salt, the mineral, not colloidal silver, but just the same they received the benefit of an enhanced immune system and did not suffer the common illnesses of the day. They had so much silver in their systems their blood was blue, hence the term "blue bloods".

In the late 1800's and early 1900's colloidal silver was manufactured and used as an antibiotic. It was made either by a grind method of grinding the silver into small particles and suspending the silver in the water, by a chemical method using ferrous sulfate, sodium citrate and silver nitrate in water or by an electrical method where two electrodes were placed into distilled water and a current was passed through the electrodes resulting in the formation of silver particles in the water. To help hold the silver in suspension in the water, a protein albumin was added. This colloidal silver was referred to as Silver Protein.

Silver Protein was mentioned in the medical literature between 1905-1938 for the treatment pneumonia, septic infection, ear infections, peritonitis, cystitis, pelvic abscess, TB, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and many other diseases. Silver Protein was injected intravenously and intramuscularly, and was used topically. Although it was very effective as a treatment, it also was very expensive, about $100 an ounce in the 1930's. Silver Protein's properties and uses were detailed in the 1938 Medical Medicus.

The antimicrobial properties of silver are well accepted. In the 1800's and early 1900's before refrigeration, it was common practice in the U.S. to put a silver dollar in a jug of milk to keep it from spoiling. Starting in the early 1900's and continuing to the present time, every baby has had drops of silver nitrate put in their eyes right after birth to eliminate any possibility of ocular gonorrhea infection. Most people reading this probably have had the silver nitrate drops. Silverdene Cream developed in Canada in the 1950's is still the treatment of choice to control and eliminate infection from burns. Again many of us have used this silver cream.

The famous researcher and medical doctor, Robert O. Becker, M.D., found that cancer patients all had a definite deficiency of silver. As detailed in his books Body Electric and Cross Currents, Dr. Becker describes the fact that silver had the ability to differentiate or change cancer cells back into normal cells. Dr. Becker in addition found that silver had the ability to enhance and speed up the healing and the growth process in the body and had an enormous beneficial effect on the electrical system of the human body.

Once again, Colloidal Silver contains only natural ingredients. Life Plusí Colloidal Silver contains a concentration of 20 parts silver per million. It is produced by a highly technical method using electronic current. The electro-magnetically charged silver is suspended in deionized water.

Colloidal Silver Testimonials: Here is what a few people had to say:

"It is amazing how much your Colloidal Silver has done for my 4 yr. old son.  Thanks for the great product." - A.M.S., Halsey, NE

"My cat had a sore on her head for a couple of weeks that wouldn't heal and she had a sore where she was de-clawed 7 years ago that she kept licking and NEVER healed. Both were healed with just a few applications of MY Colloidal Silver. I'm SO pleased!" - Mary Adams TX

"Colloidal Silver is a wonderful product I use it just about every day. I used this product for ear infections, bladder infections, tooth infections burns, bronchial infections, and rashes. I am a single mother of four and it has saved me a lot of money on doctor bills. My daughter has had a lot of ear infections and I had to take her to the doctor many times for antibiotics. I have heard that taking too much antibiotics is not good because your body gets immune to it. Since I have used a couple of drops in her ear twice a day for a few days she hasn't had a problem. I would recommend this product to everyone. It saves a lot of time and money. I don't know what I would do without it." - Mary Albert, KY

"I used your Colloidal Silver for my bug bites and acne. It worked so wonderful. I use it almost every day. IT IS WONDERFUL!" - Bobby Brown, NY

"I wanted to thank you for recommending that I use your Colloidal Silver for my eye irritations. I have always had eye redness and discomfort after swimming, sun, exercise, and during allergy season. The other morning I woke up and my left eye was completely red and irritated from allergy or some kind of conjunctivitis. Within 5 minutes after using your Colloidal Silver directly into my eye, the eye was clear and relieved. I find myself using it often just to relieve tired itchy eyes. I, of course, told everyone about it and a few days later when my mother was visiting, she used the silver for a dry scratchy throat and laryngitis and, to her surprise, found rather rapid relief. Thanks again for this and all of your wonderful products." - John Bailey LA

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Ordering By Phone

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Additional Product Options to Ensure Better Health

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Ü These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, taking medicine or concern about the product effect on your body, please consult with your doctor first before taking any product listed.

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