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Our founder, Andrew Streat - nutreeplus

Nutreeplus is owned and operated by Westie International.  I am the founder of the company, my name is Andrew Streat. Back in 1996, when the internet and online shopping was in its infancy, I started Westie International online business to provide products and services to the online market that is in my opinion second to none and of the highest standard and quality available.  This belief was the foundation in starting Westie International back in 1992 and it is also reflected in the company's motto, "We market to you better".

My passion for nutrition and being healthy goes way back and since I know that daily foods do not provide all the requirements to be healthy.  Supplementation is a must.  It is to this end that I started Nutreeplus to provide a window of opportunity for those who believe like I do that supplementation is necessary and that only the best quality products should be taken.  I chose Life Plus to promote after being a product consumer since 1996.  I can say without a doubt that their products work very effectively. I am also an allergies sufferer and since I do not like or rely on medicine to combat my problem. I find close to natural ways to combat the problem. Click here now to read my article on nasal allergies.

Nutreeplus has been on the internet since 2009, is backed by a company who has over fifty years of experience manufacturing "doctor quality" cutting edge nutritional supplement products to consumers since 1992, and a nutritional product manufacturer background since 1936, under the name V & N Nutri which become Life Plus in 1992. 

Besides Life Plus' nutrition products, you can also promote their product line by becoming an independent Marketing Associate.  If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, click here now.

We look forward to serving you and hearing your success stories.

Experience the difference Life Plus products make....

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