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Somazyme™ contains enzymes from both animal and plant sources valuable for the total health throughout the entire body. The name is derived from the Greek words "Soma" meaning body or entire body and "Zyme" from enzyme. Somazyme should be taken between meals, away from food so its active enzymes can be absorbed into and used through the whole body, rather than be used for digestion in the intestines.

The proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes in somazyme break down many of the larger molecules throughout the whole body, especially in the blood stream, permitting them to be metabolized in a healthy way. If this does not occur, these offensive substances can become toxins or irritants that can lead to degeneration and inflammation.

The supportive nutrients, biocultures, stabilizers, activators and anti-inhibitors contained in this great formula make somazyme an amazing product. The active enzymes in somazyme naturally and nutritionally fight aging, fight free radicals, support the immune system and support natural, healthy pancreas function. Click here to order somazyme.

SOMAZYME : Why use it

Somazyme is an easy way to supplement your daily enzyme intake. SomazymeTM supports the body’s natural ability to break down many of the larger molecules, so that they can be metabolized in a healthy way. The enzymes in Somazyme naturally and nutritionally support a youthful body, provide antioxidant support, as well as support healthy pancreas and immune system function.*

Think about all the chemical reactions that occur in our bodies within the period of a minute. They are too numerous to mention. Our bodies use enzymes to support these chemical reactions. Unfortunately, because of improper diet and the fact that heat destroys many enzymes, you may not be receiving all you need to properly support your overall health.


Enzymes and co-enzymes are the catalysts that initiate or regulate the countless chemical reactions taking place in the body every moment of our lives. To make certain our enzyme levels are up-to-par especially in our blood streams, it is a good idea to supplement with the natural enzymes and other co-factors in somazyme. Many of the enzymes in somazyme help to break down the fibrin portion of blood clots naturally, which can significantly support good circulation.


There are thousands of different enzymes in our foods and in every cell of our bodies. Enzymes are needed to either initiate, accelerate or separate the distinct chemical reactions in the body. Without enzymes, most of the chemical reactions that make up our overall metabolism would never take place, let alone proceed efficiently in a healthy manner.

They are involved in anabolic reactions in the body that manufacture or "build up" substances. The end products can be other enzymes or hormones that the body uses to complete certain functions. Enzymes are also involved in our catabolic or "breaking down" reactions. All of these are natural processes and enzyme levels are critical to them. Click here to order.


TA quality diet containing a reasonable amount and variety of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables would supply our bodies with the enzymes it needs. However, most individuals do not eat this way and most enzymes are quickly destroyed when heated or cooked above 106°F. Since almost everyone exists on mostly cooked foods today, or to a great extent on processed foods, it would be wise to consider supplementing diets with somazyme.

Even our fresh raw foods of today cannot support us with the enzyme nutrition we need, because they are grown in mineral depleted soils and thus don’t have the enzyme content of food grown early in this century. Our continued exposure to many enzyme inhibitors contributes to decreased enzyme activity in the body.

The average person is exposed to many enzyme inhibitors daily such as fluoride and chlorine in public water supplies, copper from plumbing, etc. Even soybeans and certain other legume’s contain anti-trypsin factors, which interfere with the pancreatic enzyme, Trypsin.

These factors may create a big need for enzyme supplementation in the diet for some individuals. Somazyme provides a wide variety of the enzymes that support thousands of biochemical reactions involved in good health.

According to theory, the depositing of plaque in the arteries is an anabolic process, because it is characterized by a "build-up". It so happens that both sodium and chloride (the ingredients in table salt) are strongly anabolic and stimulate anabolic processes in the body. The same is true of potassium. Therefore, potassium chloride (the most common salt substitute) can be just as damaging.


For maximum effect, the enzymes in somazyme are obtained from both plant and animal sources. Pancreatin, Trypsin, Alpha-Chymotrypsin, Lysozyme and Super Oxide Dismutase are obtained from animal sources. They are present naturally in our bodies. Papayotin is obtained from papaya and Bromelain from pineapple.

All of these enzymes are well known for their ability to break down proteins. Pancreatin also break down lipids (fat). Even though the pancreas produces most of these enzymes, at times it may be stressed or unable to produce the quantities that may be needed for controlling many unwanted processes in the body. Click here to order.


The single most important activity of these "proteolytic" enzymes (enzymes which break down proteins) is probably the natural role they play in the blood clotting mechanism. The liver produces a protein called "fibrinogen" and secretes it into the bloodstream. When fibrinogen contacts damaged tissue, it is changed into a unique protein called "fibrin," a large, sticky, insoluble protein molecule.

When tissue is damaged, the fibrin molecules rush to the scene and begin the formation of a clot to prevent bleeding. Soon after clots are formed, the proteolytic enzymes in the bloodstream begin to break them down, so the tissue will not be damaged from extended lack of oxygen and nutrition due to impaired circulation over a period of time.

Many of the enzymes in somazyme, and in the diet as well, are produced in the body and break down this fibrin naturally. Excess fibrin proteins not broken down by proteolytic enzymes are a major component of plaque in the arteries. It is actually the main ingredient that lays down the foundation for the plaque and is the glue that holds it together. In addition, cholesterol, fats, alcium compounds, heavy metals and other ingredients make up other parts of it.

Plaque in the arteries leads to arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). With an adequate supply of proteolytic enzymes in the bloodstream available to break down these fibrin proteins, there is less chance of plaque buildup.


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Please use customer code: 371738  if it is your first order, and let the order clerk know it is your first order when calling Life Plus. Click here for further instructions on purchasing somazyme.


Please note that drinking lots of water is vital to keeping your body and stomach in proper order.  It is recommended that an adult human should consume about 32 oz of water minimum per day.  Having a 8 oz glass of water 4 times a day is also the suggested method of doing it correctly.

Diet and exercise play an important role in maintaining healthy joints and muscles. Be sure to spend sufficient time warming up before your exercise routine and cooling down afterwards. Here are other products to consider:

Proanthenols super antioxidants protect your body against free radical attacks.  Cigarette smoke, air pollution, alcohol, drugs, radiation from televisions and computers, chemicals and a busy life generate free radicals, which cause “oxidative stress”. Free radicals attack all your vital cellular structures, such as cell membranes, DNA, and stimulate processes that have been linked to accelerated cellular aging.

Micro-Mins Plus contains 77 minerals, many of which are trace minerals. Trace minerals are needed to maintain a healthy body, but are required in quantities less than 100 mg per day. The Federal Government has acknowledged the importance of minerals to support your overall health by designating over 12 minerals that are necessary and another 8-10 that are needed. Life Plus, as part of its commitment to you, will continue to keep to you updated on additional benefits as they are discovered.

X-Cell is an arginine-based formulation designed to support healthy nitric oxide production, facilitate ammonia and lactate removal to moderate muscle fatigue, support immune health, maintain acid-base balance and provide antioxidant protection.

Somazyme is a wonderful way to support the enzyme activity in your body. In order to support your overall good health, you may want to consider including a good multivitamin that includes fiber. Click here to order somazyme now.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, taking medicine or concern about the product effect on your body, please consult with your doctor first before taking any product listed.

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